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Mineral Balancing

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"Minerals are the spark plugs of life". Every systemic system of the body requires minerals to functions optimally. When someone becomes deficient in any mineral that is when the symptoms of disease begin to ring the pervedbial alarm of the body. That may show up in many different ways to each individual. Just as everyone's stress and tolerance of stress is individual. Stress is the number one cause of mineral deficiency. It can take on many forms as in a college student who's up all night studying for the big test or a mom who fights to get her kids up early in the morning for school and even the construction worker who works all days in the sun doing heavy lifting. Bodily stress is another form of stress such as inflammation and metabolic disease just to name a few.

Oxidative stress which breaks down tissue cells and causes DNA damage, is another form of stress in the body. Again, stress causes a loss of minerals which in turn causes enzymes to stop functioning. When this happens messages in our body become silenced resulting in what we call symptoms. At Bliss of Balance the Root cause protocol (RCP for short)is used as a tool to get these enzymes back online  in a gentle manner and that's when you see symptoms start to subside. With the RCP we test and don't guess with Hair tissue mineral analysis and lab work to see how we can assist your body to get back into homeostasis. Clients are educated and guided on how to get the body back into balance and experience the Bliss of Balance.

"The spark plugs of life"
-Henry Schroedersder


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