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dōTerra Essential Oils

Image by Chelsea Gates
Bottles of Essential Oil

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Essential oils have an ancient history that goes far back in time. Used in those days for aiding with aliments, mood enhancement, beautification and spiritual purposes just to name a few. Today they are used in many of those same ways as well as for many more things such as making non-toxic home cleaning products, digestive help and the list goes on. 

Beneficial for many aspects in your everyday life there is not day that goes by that an oil is not in use in my home. The Doterra company gives their oil users the opportunity to make financial gain by joining a team of like minded individuals who love using oils on a daily bases as well. 

Consider joining my team of essential oil lovers by clicking on the link below and signing up.

Option 1 : get 10 oils and diffuser and have the yearly member ship fee waved for $155.00 

Option 2 : pay the once per year $35.00 membership fee and choose which oils you would like.

** No monthly minimum required

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