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If you're here because you're:

-Always tired

-Wish to understand your health imbalances and why they happen

-Want to learn how to get your health back in balance

-Want to know how a health balancing specialist can help you with your health.


Good news! You're in the right place!

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Hi!Your health and wellness coach and strategist for women who are ready to flourish as they were designed to .

I was once in your shoes where life was a blur and no matter what I did I just couldn't seem to get that oomph back in life. I was a homeschooling mom of two active kids and all my body wanted to do was lay down every chance I had.

Here at Bliss of Balance I use Hair tissue Mineral Analysis and biofeedback back to take a glance into what the body in saying. These tools are what helped me take my health back into my own hands along with a few others. 

I am a Root Cause Protocol consultant and a Genius biofeedback practitioner. I'm also certified in Biomagnetism levels 1&2 with Moises Goiz and Microbioenergetics with

Dr. Miguel Ojeda. Learning and practicing these modalities have helped me understand that there are many components as to why someone falls ill. Before illness reaches the physical body it is first energetic, then emotional and finally physical. Once it finally manifest in the body it has already made its way through two components for your being.

What's the story with Bliss of Balance ?

Many years ago I found myself constantly battling fatigue. Fatigue was Just one of the health issues that I sought out helpful from allopathic and alternative medicine. Some alternative modalities did help but it didn't last. I needed to find the root cause. I felt as if I was borrowing tomorrow's energy to function today with some of these treatments. In 2017 when I found The Root Cause Protocol and learned that I had a major imbalance in my minerals which was causing this lack of energy. Energy is necessary to make your organs functions. The lack of energy to an organ is what causes an organ to become dis-eased. As I started to walk the journey of getting back into balance I could see the sun shining and the blue skies again. I began to enjoy the thing that I hadn't enjoyed in years. My family got their wife and mom back.

My Story 

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If you are a millennial woman who's ready to tackle that fatigue and get back to the life you were designed to live book your discovery call now .

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