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- Been curious as to why you react the way you do?

- Asked yourself "why can't I accomplish my goals "?

- Been fearful of public speaking?

- Found yourself constantly living in the past?

- Felt lonely in a room full of people?

Have you ever...  

Then the Códica method is for you 

Emotional Inefficiencies 

Behavioral Inefficiencies 

Intrapersonal Inefficiencies 





What is Códica?

Códica is a cognitive redesign method created by Psychologist Moises Goiz to develop correct emotional management, facilitate the change of habits, and correct self-perception problems. This method is ideal for managing stress, depression, and anxiety. 

The motivation is to promote an ideal state to deal efficiently with all kinds of circumstances that arise in life. 

How does Códica work?

It is a method assisted by different neurostimulation techniques such as auditory stimulation by binaural pulses, for the acceleration of behavioral patterns. Incorporating strategies to efficiently manage our emotions and our behavior while we perform repetitive stimuli in specific areas of our cerebral cortex to considerably reduce the learning curve.

What is an inefficiency?

In this case, inefficiency is when the brain does not process emotions correctly. For example,  fear is a primal emotion that is naturally expressed when we experience a situation that can mean life or death such as a lion chasing you. This emotion of fear is being used efficiently to get you to fight or flight for the purpose of survival. An inefficient way that this emotion is used is in the case of public speaking where one's life is not at risk but the fight of flight program is active. In this scenario, fear is not an efficient emotion because you are not fighting for your survival. 

Change and the Brain 

The brain is an amazing organ that loves to learn new things such as learning to ride a bike, playing a new sport and even taking a new path home from work. Here we are using neuroplasticity to build new pathways in our brains.  

But the brain does not change easily. It needs constant repetition to turn what seems like a random act to the brain, into a habit. The more we repeat that habit the more those pathways are solidified in the brain making it difficult to change. Those habits can be positive and helpful in life or negative and have detrimental effects on our lives. At times we don't even realize that these patterns are playing out in our subconscious mind and becoming solidifying patterns. Emotions are habits too and they have a profound effect on your physical body. 

Here's how to get started 

The first meeting through zoom will take about 30 minutes. In this meeting, we briefly discuss what brought you in. For the rest of the visit, I will walk you through the assessment that will show us how many inefficiencies need to be addressed in the sequential sessions.

There are a total of 21 inefficiencies. It is likely that one person will not have all 21 emotions as inefficient. Depending on the results a plan and the number of sessions will be formed. In one session 2-3 inefficiencies can be addressed. 

There will 

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