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I don’t know If anyone is as weird as I am but I loved watching  “What’s in my bag” videos. I was always in awe of all the cool stuff that came out of these bags. 


I remember when I was in high school I had just about everything I could think of in my backpack. 


Translate that to becoming a young woman and then a mom my bag just

got bigger with time. 


I felt like Mary Poppins with my bag. If you needed it, I had it. It was like the magical Barney bag we all grew up watching. 


 Now as my kids got older the bag got SMALLER. ( I mean my poor shoulders can only take so much). But you could bet that I still had what they needed when they asked me for it. 


Who knows maybe when I’m a grandma I’ll dust the old Barney bag out. 


Here I will show you what's in my proverbial bag.


🥒 A slice of life: A piece of what has happened in my world.

💅🏼1 tip, trick, or option- to get us flourishing 

🔧1 tool- to make your life easier 

🌶️1 Question- one hot, burning question to get you thinking and frankly I want to hear from you.


Oh! I'm Natalie by the way. Sorry, I got wrapped up in thinking about all the goodness coming your way.


A bit about me:

-Homeschooling mom of 2 teens

-Health and wellness coach for 4 yrs.

-Married to my best friend

-Living in flow ( I'll teach you how)

-Mind & body connection teacher 

-I love a good laugh


Sounds good, right?!!


But it wasn't always that way. But I'll share more about that along the way.

I can't spill the tea all at once.😉


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