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The Art and Science of Stuff.

Welcome to Bliss of Balance blog

Hi I am Natalie and I'm a balancing specialist and energetic conductor. I'm here to demystify health issues and many other aspects of life.

Here you can expect to see content on balance (of course). But balance on many levels. I'm also a nerd for all things energy, frequency and vibration and how it's all connected to everything. Connected even to minerals and mineral status (Ding! Ding! Ding!)and many more things that are related to these subjects may make their way in here.

As I leave ...

I leave you with this question, where in your life can you use more balance ?

If you're like me the answer to this question is Everywhere and in everything!!

If you want to follow me on my blog to learn more about stuff please Subscribe and leave a comment down below.

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